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Front Page Article Vermont Standard

Some new front page, above-the-fold press in the Vermont Standard. Article follows below. GOP’s KT Knows Win Would Be Out of the Blue Staff Report KT Cappellini is in Woodstock every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. “I’ve knocked on at least 300 doors in Woodstock,” he said last Thursday afternoon, when he knocked on some more with Scott Milne, who was campaigning for U.S. Senate. Cappellini is the Republican candidate for the state house...

Door-to-door with Scott Milne

Many thanks to Scott Milne and his daughter Elise for coming down to Woodstock to campaign with me yesterday. Scott is an exemplary candidate, and we should all do everything in our power to help him help the dinosaur Pat Leahy retire...scottmilne2...

Strategy Meeting with House Minority Leader

Me with other members of the Republican Team for Windsor County holding a strategy meeting in Springfield with House Minority Leader Don Turner. In house were our three Senate candidates, Mark Donka, Randy Gray, and Jack Williams, and House candidates Eddie Cutler, Kevin Stuart, Scott Frye, and Dennis Pine.springfield1 ...

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