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Old Home Day In Reading

We'll be attending the festivities at Reading's Old Home Day celebration on Sunday, July 3rd. I'll be driving my old man's 1984 Olds 98 Regency in the parade. It's a big white whale of an American car, so you won't miss it!...

Letter in Vermont Journal

Many thanks to the Editor of the Vermont Journal for publishing my Letter to the Editor in the June 15th edition. The text of the entire article follows inline below. Enjoy!
Vermont has an identity problem. Vermonters need to decide what they want their state to be, circa 2016. We now live in a state, a country, and a world where many of the social, political, and economic systems we've come to rely on...

Plymouth Strawberry Festival

My wife and I took our one year-old son Eugene up to the annual Strawberry Festival at Camp Plymouth on the evening of Wednesday June 22nd. Turnout was great, and it was a gorgeous night for it. Lot's of opportunities to meet voters and enjoy great food. A big thanks to the Tyson Ladies and the Fire Department for putting on the event!...

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